Jerusalem Stone: Sefer Bereishis

HaRav Avigdor HaLevi Nebenzahl serves as Rav of the Old City of Jerusalem and as senior Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh.  He was educated in Israel’s major Yeshivos: Kol Torah, Ponovezh, and Mir and for many years learned b’chavrusa with HaRav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l.  This book is a selection of his popular sichos on Sefer Bereishis delivered over many years in the Yeshiva, which were written and disseminated to the general public.

“These are timeless, classical essays on hashkafa, machshava, mussar, and halacha. These are thought-provoking discussions that plumb the depths of human nature. They contain brilliant, analytical, sometimes novel, occasionally humorous, but always inspiring insights into the five books of the Torah and the people that inhabit them.”

-From The Preface by Nehemiah Klein

This is the first Volume in a five part series, one for each of the books of the Chumash.

Please note: This is not a translation of the Hebrew sichos, these are new sichos, some of which were originally given in English.

Title: Jerusalem Stone: Sefer Bereishis
Author: Harav Avigdor Nebenzahl
Retail Price: $24.95
ISBN: 0-9779629-5-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-9779629-5-2
Hardcover Case Wrap, No Dust-jacket, 6×9, 390 pages; includes footnotes and a preface by adapter and translator Rabbi Nehemiah Klein

The Baal Teshuva Survival Guide


…as well as constant obstacles. Baal teshuvas often wish there was a guidebook that would support them along their way as they grow and make decisions that may alienate them from their families, friends, and their past way of life.

The Baal Teshuva Survival Guide by Dr. Lisa Aiken is this guidebook. Aiken is a world-renowned author and psychologist, and a baal teshuva herself. She addresses all of the thorny issues that baal teshuvas face, giving psychological insights, compassions and sound, practical advice. Every baal teshuva will see themselves in some of the anecdotes that she presents. She helps baal teshuvas understand how their changes, and the ways that they present them to others, impact others and gives examples of how a baal teshuva can prevent many interpersonal frictions by taking others’ emotions into account. Aiken takes baal teshuvas through the myriad challenges they face, such as choosing a career (or not); accepting the loss of a career that conflicts with Judaism; deciding if, or for how long to study in a yeshiva; dealing with parents who can’t accept that their child has become observant; choosing an appropriate expression of religious observance, along with a rabbi, synagogue, and community; and relating to a spouse or children who are not observant.

This important book will ease the path for Jews who are becoming observant, revolutionize how baal teshuvas integrate their hearts and souls into becoming observant, and improve how those who bring them close to Judaism guide them in their journeys.

Title: The Baal Teshuva Survival Guide
Author: Dr. Lisa Aiken
Retail Price: $21.99
ISBN: 0-9779629-3-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-9779629-3-8
Trade Paperback, 6×9, 432 pages; includes footnotes, appendices and glossary of commonly used Jewish words

A Beacon in the Night

A Beacon in the Night

“…What is our job on Chanukah? What is expected of every Jew? If we do not understand the essence of the day, we can in no way hope to carry out our task. And it would be a terrible dishonor to allow another Chanukah to pass us by without accomplishing as much as we possibly can. This, then, is the general aim of this book. To delve together, as chavrusos – partners, into the topics and ideas of Chanukah in a humble attempt to formulate personal goals regarding the true purpose (or purposes) of Chanukah and to arrive at a deeper, more authentic appreciation and understanding of this special holiday.
Chanukah always was, and continues to be, a beacon in the long night of our exile. It is not insignificant that Chanukah has been nicknamed the “Festival of Lights.” Let this be our goal, with the assistance of Hashem, to discover and reveal the true essence of Chanukah.”

– From the Introduction

Title: A Beacon in the Night
Author: Rabbi Lipman Podolsky
Retail Price: $11.95
ISBN 0-9779629-4-6
ISBN13 978-0-9779629-4-5
Trade Paperback, 6×9, 173 pages; includes footnotes

Something For Everyone

Something for Everyone

“The more I grow, the more I feel the need, even the obligation, to relate what I learn to the environment in which I live and vice versa. My Judaism does not exist in a vacuum. It is part and parcel of who I am, where I am, and when I am. I increasingly find myself contemplating contemporary life, and wondering, ‘What’s it all about?’…”

– From the Introduction

“…In this, his first published work, Rav Podolsky portrays his view of the world around him. Through such spectacles, he illuminates our lives into a picture wherein each and every detail is nothing less than an indicator of what life is truly about. But Rav Podolsky’s incredible outlooks on the world around us are not only eye opening towards the subjects they reflect, but more significantly towards the very way our eyes open…”

– From the Preface

Title: Something For Everyone
Author: Rabbi Lipman Podolsky
Retail Price: $9.95
ISBN 0-9779629-2-X
ISBN13 978-0-9779629-2-1
Trade Paperback, 6×9, 107 pages; includes footnotes

Genesis: The Untold Story

Genesis: The Untold StoryHAVE YOU EVER WONDERED—

What really happened in the Garden of Eden?
If Abraham was so important in changing the way people relate to God, did other ancient people besides the Jews write about him?
What relevance do the stories in Genesis have for me?

The stories from Genesis are familiar to many of us from childhood, yet they seem dated or irrelevant to us in the twenty-first century. But what if we put aside our childhood perceptions and look at these stories with a more sophisticated eye?

Illuminating the stories of Genesis using traditional Jewish commentaries, history, science, and psychology, Genesis: The Untold Story finds in these stories a logical and mature view of a loving God and His plan for us. Tracing the Biblical narrative through the book of Genesis, we find morals and spiritual lessons in events as large as Creation and as seemingly insignificant as an argument between two people. Genesis: The Untold Story revisits passages we once dismissed as simplistic or irrelevant and shows us how they teach vital lessons about God and how best to connect to Him and to those around us. Its unique melding of factual knowledge with Biblical events leaves us with indispensable insights into our purpose in life and how we can get the most out of it.

Title: Genesis – The Untold Story
Authors: Dr. Lisa Aiken & Dr. Ira Michaels
Retail Price: $24.95
ISBN-10: 0977962911
ISBN-13: 978-0977962914
Cloth bound with dust-jacket, 6×9, 271 pages; includes footnotes and appendices

Sefer Katan Ve’Gadol (ספר קטן וגדול)


A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Explanations…
With Sources That Have Not Been Published In Hundreds of Years…

Sefer Katan V’Gadol is a collection of explanations for the small and large letters found throughout the Tanach. You may be familiar with the large letter “Bet” in the beginning of the Torah in the word “Breishit” of “In the Beginning” or the small letter “Aleph” in the word “Vayikrah” in the beginning of “Leviticus” and the small and big letters in the names of Haman’s sons in the Megilat Esther.

This book collects and traces the history of the approaches to interpreting these and many other unusual letters. Some of the material is taken from manuscripts that have not been published for hundreds of years.

Currently Available Only in Hebrew. For Purchase details, or to contact the author, please email rabbiron [at] or zvijbq [at]

Title: Sefer Katan V’Gadol (ספר קטן וגדול)
Author: Rabbi Zvi Ron
Retail Price: $15.99
ISBN 0-9779629-0-3
Mock-leather hard bound, 6×9, 322 pages; includes footnotes and appendices